E    Q    U    I    P    M    E    N    T

F U L L  D R A M A  P R O D U C T I O N  S O U N D  C A R T

Suitable for promos, comedy and drama. Multitrack recording with boom ops  and Directors iems.

F U L L    P S C   K I T

Including wireless to camera and multitrack recording. suitable for interviews, documentaries and fly on the wall.

All of my equipment is state of the art and if I don’t already have what we’ll need for the project, I’ll know where we can get it from.

If you have any questions about equipment, please give me a call, +44 7768 501678.

R    A    T    E    S

I operate like most crew using BECTU rates as a guide and charge standard rates for projects. I don’t charge over the odds and don’t hide any costs. All charges are agreed before invoicing so there are no surprises.

I invoice as the limited company Mic Me Up LTD

For a rate card please email me at paulzanders@me.com.

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